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10/27/08 Baltimore County JV Championships
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Baltimore County JV XC Championships
Hereford Girls and Dulaney Boys Win in 39 degree weather and rain - RESULTS POSTED

Baltimore County held their JV championships today at Dulaney High School in a rescheduled race from Saturday. Due to a prediction and promise of heavy rains, the County championships were split to seperate days.

The conditions were just slightly less ideal than the heavy downpours on Saturday. Thirty minutes before race time, the thermometer read 39 degrees and the skies were opening up with a steady rain. Did I mention the wind?

Event 2  Boys 5k Run CC Junior Varsity
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points          
  1 Will Fesperman            10 Towson                 17:50.2    1             
  2 Drew Landerman            10 Towson                 17:52.7    2             
  3 Josh Bond                 10 Dulaney                18:14.9    3             
  4 Andrew Woodard               Dulaney                18:17.7    4             
  5 Andre Phillips               Dulaney                18:20.5    5             
  6 Eric Crum                 10 Catonsville            18:23.9    6             
  7 Graham Williams            9 Towson                 18:24.9    7             
  8 Brian Leonard             10 Towson                 18:29.0    8             
  9 Gabe Maslen               10 Hereford               18:29.3    9             
 10 JC Senatore                  Dulaney                18:33.6   10             
 11 Ryan Fluehr               10 Dulaney                19:00.2   11             
 12 Brendan Martello          10 Hereford               19:04.6   12             
 13 Quinn Marvel               9 Dulaney                19:09.4   13             
 14 Ted Demiris                9 Hereford               19:22.1   14             
 15 Dylan Newberry            10 Dulaney                19:30.0   15             
 16 Shane Smith               10 Hereford               19:39.3   16             
 17 Matt Boone                10 Hereford               19:39.6   17             
 18 Russell Souder               Dulaney                19:48.6                  
 19 Dillon Hanlon              9 Catonsville            19:54.1   18             
 20 James Wenzl                9 Hereford               19:56.6   19             
 21 Malcolm Peacock              Dulaney                19:59.4                  
 22 Sean Prendergast          10 Catonsville            19:59.7   20             
 23 Kyle King                  9 Towson                 20:02.5   21             
 24 Greg Mainolfi              9 Towson                 20:03.8   22             
 25 Nathaniel Cohen            9 Loch Raven             20:08.0   23             
 26 Joshua Smith               9 Sparrows Point         20:08.3                  
 27 Zach Pritchard            10 Overlea                20:11.1                  
 28 Brandon Oxendine           9 Catonsville            20:11.8   24             
 29 Max Gold                  10 Pikesville             20:30.9                  
 30 Mark Harris                9 Towson                 20:32.5   25             
 31 Roy Craig                 10 Hereford               20:33.1   26             
 32 Daniel Overtoom            9 Perry Hall             20:34.8                  
 33 Kevin Jackson              9 Catonsville            20:41.7   27             
 34 Nick Belkoff               9 Loch Raven             21:00.3   28             
 35 Shaquille Gittens         10 Pikesville             21:00.7                  
 36 Michael Schneider            Dulaney                21:08.5                  
 37 Mike Donnelly              9 Towson                 21:13.0                  
 38 Josh Staples              10 Towson                 21:14.6                  
 39 Harrison Hart              9 Towson                 21:15.9                  
 40 Guy Vinas                    Dulaney                21:16.3                  
 41 Zach Sutton                9 Towson                 21:26.3                  
 42 Shu Hayashi                9 Dulaney                21:31.6                  
 43 Michael Brown              9 Hereford               21:32.7                  
 44 Chris Moody               10 Hereford               21:43.7                  
 45 Hashem Kanfesh             9 Loch Raven             21:54.3   29             
 46 Nkem Obineme               9 Loch Raven             22:05.7   30             
 47 Michael Wassenius          9 Parkville              22:18.2                  
 48 Adam Jenkins               9 Parkville              22:36.9                  
 49 Caleb Rittler             10 Towson                 22:40.3                  
 50 Alex Anastasi             10 Towson                 22:54.8                  
 51 Gideon Whitaker            9 Overlea                23:07.7                  
 52 Max Crockett               9 Towson                 23:12.9                  
 53 Ron Stone                  9 Overlea                23:20.8                  
 54 Corey Willems              9 Kenwood                23:41.1                  
 55 Jacob Reynolds               Dulaney                23:44.4                  
 56 Matt Eney                 10 Kenwood                24:26.3                  
 57 Logan McNaney              9 Lansdowne              24:27.3                  
 58 Ricky Morrison             9 Kenwood                24:57.6                  
 59 Justin Bent                9 Lansdowne              24:59.5                  
 60 Jimmy Tsonis              10 Loch Raven             25:41.9   31             
 61 Connor Skeen               9 Towson                 26:35.4                  
 62 Alex Barbour               9 Perry Hall             30:26.1                  
                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Dulaney                      33    3    4    5   10   11   13   15          
      Total Time:  1:32:26.90                                                    
         Average:    18:29.38                                                    
   2 Towson                       39    1    2    7    8   21   22   25          
      Total Time:  1:32:39.30                                                    
         Average:    18:31.86                                                    
   3 Hereford                     68    9   12   14   16   17   19   26          
      Total Time:  1:36:14.90                                                    
         Average:    19:14.98                                                    
   4 Catonsville                  95    6   18   20   24   27                    
      Total Time:  1:39:11.20                                                    
         Average:    19:50.24                                                    
   5 Loch Raven                  141   23   28   29   30   31                    
      Total Time:  1:50:50.20                                                    
         Average:    22:10.04                                                    

Event 1  Girls 5k Run CC Junior Varsity
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points          
  1 Shelby Meadowcroft        10 Hereford               20:31.3    1             
  2 Sydney Glenn               9 Dulaney                20:35.7    2             
  3 Katie Meadowcroft         10 Hereford               20:45.5    3             
  4 Lauren Kennedy             9 Hereford               20:53.1    4             
  5 Hannah Lippy              10 Dulaney                20:53.3    5             
  6 Emma Pennington            9 Perry Hall             20:55.4                  
  7 Bailey Wilhelm             9 Hereford               20:57.5    6             
  8 Emily Abell               10 Dulaney                20:58.5    7             
  9 Dolly Bindon              10 Dulaney                21:41.5    8             
 10 Taylor Robey              10 Hereford               21:42.3    9             
 11 Jordanna Lehman           10 Hereford               21:55.1   10             
 12 Cristy Askew              10 Dulaney                22:06.0   11             
 13 Brooke Yen                10 Dulaney                22:29.1   12             
 14 Gina Maskell               9 Hereford               22:34.6   13             
 15 Leah Chelton              10 Hereford               22:43.4                  
 16 Alex Flister              10 Catonsville            22:55.1                  
 17 Briana Stone              10 Overlea                22:55.8                  
 18 Maria Hodge                9 Towson                 23:05.5   14             
 19 Christy Ciociola           9 Dulaney                23:28.0   15             
 20 Maggie Waters             10 Catonsville            23:30.3                  
 21 Lina Mann                  9 Hereford               24:03.0                  
 22 Lauren Moyer                 Parkville              24:03.3                  
 23 Crystal Powell             9 Catonsville            24:03.9                  
 24 Jules Wolinski            10 Hereford               24:15.3                  
 25 Catherine Lesuisse         9 Towson                 24:22.3   16             
 26 Kristyn Chong             10 Dulaney                24:25.7                  
 27 Maura Griffin              9 Hereford               24:33.4                  
 28 Grace Blair               10 Towson                 24:34.9   17             
 29 Sydney Willig              9 Sparrows Point         24:35.3                  
 30 Sara Ginsburg              9 Towson                 24:36.2   18             
 31 Abbey Harris               9 Dulaney                24:40.5                  
 32 Carolyn Sledzik           10 Hereford               24:47.9                  
 33 Sarah Arnold               9 Towson                 24:48.2   19             
 34 Michelle Lehew            10 Perry Hall             24:54.0                  
 35 Brooke Scott              10 Towson                 25:04.9   20             
 36 Morgan Morreale            9 Towson                 25:09.3   21             
 37 Mandy Hall                 9 Dulaney                25:13.6                  
 38 Allison Giza              10 Hereford               25:16.8                  
 39 Jackie Liu                10 Dulaney                25:20.0                  
 40 Chloe Adler                9 Dulaney                25:33.6                  
 41 Steph Tarlton             10 Hereford               25:42.3                  
 42 Averie Thomas              9 Towson                 25:58.8                  
 43 Tammy Walsky              10 Pikesville             26:13.4                  
 44 Rachel Lebo                9 Hereford               26:23.9                  
 45 Reilly Stettinius          9 Hereford               26:31.4                  
 46 Elizabeth Czaplicki       10 Hereford               26:35.0                  
 47 Maria Terry               10 Hereford               26:43.1                  
 48 Stephanie DeVanzo         10 Perry Hall             26:50.9                  
 49 Stephanie Ford            10 Towson                 27:01.3                  
 50 Millicent Hambor           9 Dulaney                27:24.2                  
 51 Layne Dettor              10 Dulaney                28:42.0                  
 52 Lauren Carpenter           9 Sparrows Point         28:52.5                  
 53 Tyisse Baxter             10 Pikesville             30:55.5                  
 54 Nia Miller                 9 Dulaney                31:13.7                  
                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Hereford                     23    1    3    4    6    9   10   13          
      Total Time:  1:44:49.70                                                    
         Average:    20:57.94                                                    
   2 Dulaney                      33    2    5    7    8   11   12   15          
      Total Time:  1:46:15.00                                                    
         Average:    21:15.00                                                    
   3 Towson                       84   14   16   17   18   19   20   21          
      Total Time:  2:01:27.11                                                    
         Average:    24:17.42

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