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04/29/10 Manchester Valley Invitational
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Cold and Wind Doesn't Put a Damper on a First Class First Year Meet

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The Inaugural Maverick Invitational at Manchester Valley high school in way northern Carroll County was small with the number of teams, but huge in the quality of the meet. Head coach and meet director Eric Baumgartner made sure that everything about the meet was first class.

A quality timer in Jim Shank, an assistant coaching staff that made the meet run like clockwork and a support staff of parents that had concessions, vendors and a first rate hospitality shed for coaches, volunteers and media.

Manchester Valley high school is beautiful inside and out with a first rate track facility capable of handling much larger meets. Baumgartner is hoping to move the meet from its' current Wednesday afternoon time slot to a different day next year.

"We're going to try and have a Friday evening meet next season", said the coach, "and hope the weather conditions are just a little bit better."

The wind and the cold kept the times down this year and a constant 25-30 mph wind came from the north. The wind was affecting the breathing of many of the athletes as the distance runners struggled to fight the wind on the backstretch.

The wind kept many of the races close with the winner being decided on the last lap making the three and a half hour meet exciting for spectators and athletes.

If your team decides to travel to the meet next year, be prepared for a small trip to the meet as the school is located within a stone's throw of Pennsylvania.

As one coach said, "When you take off on the pole vault, you're in Maryland and when you land, you're in Pennsylvania.

Results and splits follow


Event 1  Girls 4x800 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 Liberty  'A'                                       10:38.28 
     1) Tarnalicki, Taylor              2) Thurmond, Kelly               
     3) Sullivan, Casey                 4) Mcelroy, Samantha             
  2 Middletown  'A'                                    10:45.24 
     1) Clampet, Sarah                  2) McCarrick, Maureen            
     3) Weikert, Peyton                 4) Noffsinger, Kate              
  3 South Carroll  'A'                                 11:12.98 
     1) Chmielewski, Rebecca            2) Quinn, erin                   
     3) Pooton, Casey                   4) Carlin, Emily                 
  4 Manchester Valley  'A'                             11:13.98 
     1) Baytop, Ciara                   2) McIntyre, Ashley              
  5 North Carroll  'A'                                 12:16.95 
     1) Rund, Emily                     2)                             

Liberty        2:44.5/2:27.7/2:45.2/2:39.5    10:36.8
Middletown    2:41.6/2:37.3/2:44.4/2:41.2    10:44.5
Manchester Valley    2:43.6/2:52.9/2:48.9/2:47.6    11:13.7
North Carroll    2:51.6/2:45.5/2:45.2/2:49.9    11:12.8  

Event 2  Boys 4x800 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 North Carroll  'A'                                  8:45.10 
     1) Albright, Jesse                 2) Wilson, Kody                  
     3) Smith, Matt                     4) Gutkoska, Joey                
  2 Liberty  'A'                                        8:46.96 
     1) Rinehart, Greg                  2) Hawkins, Kyle                 
     3) Smith, Taylor                   4) Fencil, James                 
  3 Littlestown Area  'A'                               9:03.73 
     1) Alejandrez, Zekiel              2) Stolkovich, Billy             
     3) Nicol, Jacob                    4) McClay, Blaine                
  4 Middletown  'A'                                     9:07.28 
     1) Wolf, Nick                      2) Stasiewicz, Skyler            
     3) Lieb, David                     4) Carter, Nick                  
  5 South Carroll  'A'                                  9:09.90 
     1) Dee, Mike                       2) Poplawski, Nick               
     3) Hegarty, Ryan                   4) Evans, Sam                    
  6 Manchester Valley  'A'                              9:32.77 
     1) Ridgell, Shawn                  2) Caples, Jacob                 
     3) Kennedy, Greame                 4) Chenoweth, Tyler       

 South Carroll  2:12.6/2:21.9/2:11.2/2:17.1    9:02.9
Manchester Valley    2:15.0/2:16.2/2:32.2/2:26.8    9:30.2
Liberty        2:16.2/2:15.8/2:06.0/2:07.2    8:45.2
Middletown    2:17.2/2:11.0/2:24.5/2:15.4    9:08.2

Event 3  Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Erbe, Janice                 Delone Catho             15.56   2
  2 Robertson, Mariah            Delone Catho             16.53   2
  3 Gates, Amanda                Manchester V             17.41   2
  4 Senseney, Madison            Littlestown              18.25   2
  5 Ayenu, Cloe                  Middletown               18.26   2
  6 Louder, Kayla                South Carrol             18.30   2
  7 Ebbert, Justine              North Carrol             18.33   2
  8 Petersen, Emily              South Carrol             18.88   1
  9 Schmier, Megan               Liberty                  20.10   1
Event 4  Boys 110 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Strine, Austin               Middletown               15.44   2
  2 Aldana, Nick                 Middletown               15.96   2
  3 Klunk, Jeremy                Delone Catho             16.34   2
  4 Wolf, Nick                   Middletown               16.96   2
  5 Thompson, Matt               Liberty                  17.25   2
  6 Dell, Zach                   North Carrol             17.50   2
  7 Aspril, Zach                 North Carrol             18.07   2
  8 Tennyson, Nathan             South Carrol             18.20   1
  9 Velasquez, Chris             Littlestown              18.31   2
 10 Chenoweth, Corey             Manchester V             20.79   1
 11 Carroll, Josh                Liberty                  21.64   1
 12 Vaughn, Ryan                 Littlestown              22.85   1
Event 5  Girls 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Hurd, Erika                  Manchester V             12.73   2
  2 Moore, Sierra                Delone Catho             12.84   2
  3 Ross, Ashley                 Liberty                  12.92   2
  4 Mizansky, Valerie            North Carrol             13.25   2
  5 Kraus, Heather               Delone Catho             13.39   2
  6 Carter, Ashley               Liberty                  13.55   2
  7 Heishman, Bailey             South Carrol             13.69   2
  8 Bosiacki, Alexis             South Carrol             13.76   2
  9 Kagarise, Janelle            Littlestown              13.81   1
 10 Litsikas, Eleni              Littlestown              13.84   1
 11 O'Donoghue, Teri             Liberty                  14.03   1
 12 Bidle, Stephanie             Middletown               14.39   1
 13 Hohl, Kelly                  Middletown               14.46   1
 14 Kriete, Alanea               Liberty                  14.78   1
Event 6  Boys 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Patrice, Chris               Liberty                  11.28   2
  2 Hornbrook, Austin            Littlestown              11.63   2
  3 Berry, Todd                  Delone Catho             11.71   2
  4 Mellstrom, David             South Carrol             11.80   2
  5 Carroll, Aiden               Delone Catho             12.05   2
  6 Kapinos, Ben                 North Carrol             12.24   2
  7 Taube, Griffin               Middletown               12.30   1
  8 Westfall, Garrett            North Carrol             12.66   1
  9 Tsinonis, Aleko              Middletown               12.81   1
 10 Armstrong, Kyle              Manchester V             13.04   1
 11 Dolch, Jacob                 Manchester V             13.40   1
Event 7  Girls 1600 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Lambert, Michele             Liberty                5:40.22 
  2 Sullivan, Casey              Liberty                5:44.21 
  3 Stromberg, Michele           North Carrol           5:46.60 
  4 Carlin, Emily                South Carrol           5:52.84 
  5 Robinson, Catherine          South Carrol           5:54.40 
  6 Paholsky, Jessica            Littlestown            5:54.51 
  7 Resciniti, Emily             Delone Catho           5:58.51 
  8 Shrader, Shelby              Manchester V           6:00.44 
  9 de Benedictis, Kim           Liberty                6:02.11 
 10 Bach, Sarah                  Manchester V           6:30.95 
 11 Lundahl, Abby                Middletown             6:32.30 
 12 Clampet, Elizabeth           Middletown             6:35.12 
 13 Noffsinger, Kate             Middletown             6:42.17 
 14 Smink, Cassie                North Carrol           6:48.93 
 15 Piper, Allison               Manchester V           7:31.29 


Event 8  Boys 1600 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Smith, Taylor                Liberty                4:49.06 
  2 Albright, Jesse              North Carrol           4:52.86 
  3 Sauvageau, Xavier            Littlestown            4:56.86 
  4 Rinehart, Greg               Liberty                5:02.07 
  5 Dee, Mike                    South Carrol           5:02.83 
  6 Greene, Josh                 Middletown             5:10.78 
  7 McClay, Blaine               Littlestown            5:17.13 
  8 Caples, Jacob                Manchester V           5:20.77 
  9 Coleman, Tj                  Delone Catho           5:22.35 
 10 Cunningham, Iian             Middletown             5:26.83 
 11 Edwards, Sam                 Delone Catho           5:30.92 
 12 Evans, Sam                   South Carrol           5:31.85 
 13 Dumochelle, Quinn            Manchester V           5:36.06 
 14 Downey, Isaac                Manchester V           5:51.72 


Event 9  Girls 4x200 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 Liberty  'A'                                        1:52.75 
     1) Ross, Ashley                    2) Stillings, Taylor             
     3) Rowlands, Chloe                 4) Carter, Ashley                
  2 Manchester Valley  'A'                              1:57.77 
     1) Hurd, Erika                     2) Phillips, Natalie             
     3) Gates, Amanda                   4) Donovan, Megan                
  3 South Carroll  'A'                                  1:59.35 
     1) Bosiacki, Alexis                2) Heishman, Bailey              
     3) Diller, Courtney                4) Hahn, Haley                   
  4 North Carroll  'A'                                  2:04.91 
     1) Melville, Amber                 2) Torres, Julianna              
     3) Farley, Mackenzie               4) Mizansky, Valerie             
 -- Middletown  'A'                                          DQ 
     1) Bidle, Stephanie                2) Hohl, Kelly                   
     3) Heuver, Treesa                  4) Sigler, Macie                 
Event 10  Boys 4x200 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 Middletown  'A'                                     1:35.91 
     1) Little, Chris                   2) Lumley, Hunter                
     3) Benjamin, Matthew               4) Aldana, Nick                  
  2 Liberty  'A'                                        1:36.35 
     1) Patrice, Chris                  2) Hinton, Nick                  
     3) Teofilak, Anthony               4) Fencil, James                 
  3 North Carroll  'A'                                  1:41.88 
     1) Aspril, Zach                    2) Kapinos, Ben                  
     3) Westfall, Garrett               4) Poist, Ashton                 
  4 Manchester Valley  'A'                              1:45.17 
     1) Chenoweth, Tyler                2) Kennedy, Greame               
     3) Ridgell, Shawn                  4) Canby, Colton                 
Event 11  Girls 400 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Mezebish, Cody               South Carrol           1:02.23   2
  2 Mcelroy, Samantha            Liberty                1:03.44   2
  3 Bidle, Stephanie             Middletown             1:06.84   1
  4 Kagarise, Janelle            Littlestown            1:07.33   2
  5 Baytop, Ciara                Manchester V           1:07.34   2
  6 Whitesell, Gretchen          Middletown             1:08.55   1
  7 Chavez, Trina                Littlestown            1:09.22   2
  8 Hohl, Kelly                  Middletown             1:09.33   1
  9 Sponseller, Abbey            Delone Catho           1:10.27   1
 10 Riggs, Gabrielle             Middletown             1:11.42   1
 11 Weikert, Peyton              Middletown             1:11.55   2
 12 Robbins, Rachel              North Carrol           1:12.65   1
 13 Wells, Natalie               North Carrol           1:19.86   1
Event 12  Boys 400 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Raver, Ben                   North Carrol             50.14   2
  2 Lagos, Lance                 Middletown               51.48   2
  3 Fencil, James                Liberty                  52.14   2
  4 Sumpter, Marco               South Carrol             54.85   2
  4 Hamilton, Rakim              Middletown               54.85   2
  6 Weisman, Matt                South Carrol             56.40   2
  7 Harrell, Justin              North Carrol             56.51   1
  8 Justice, Jonathan            Littlestown              57.34   2
  9 Bender, Mike                 Liberty                  58.10   1
 10 Baughman, Matt               Manchester V           1:05.08   1
 11 Strong, Doug                 Manchester V           1:09.49   1
Event 13  Girls 3200 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Sullivan, Casey              Liberty               12:33.66 
  2 Robinson, Catherine          South Carrol          13:05.87 
  3 Nolan, Kasey                 Liberty               13:13.78 
  4 Bischoff, Sarah              Delone Catho          13:22.31 
  5 Paholsky, Jessica            Littlestown           13:23.99 
  6 Murillo, Sofia               Delone Catho          13:44.82 
  7 Jadi, Jihane                 Liberty               13:53.32 
  8 McCarthy, Kristin            Manchester V          14:01.56 
  9 Almonte, Dory                Liberty               14:01.75 
 10 Clampet, Elizabeth           Middletown            14:50.02 
 11 Hochhiemer, Paige            North Carrol          15:00.66 
 -- Craig, Jessi                 South Carrol                FS 
Event 14  Boys 3200 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Rinehart, Greg               Liberty               10:43.67 
  2 Sauvageau, Xavier            Littlestown           10:43.84 
  3 Atchison, Willaim            Middletown            10:47.37 
  4 Albright, Jesse              North Carrol          10:48.52 
  5 Drum, Andy                   Middletown            10:54.01 
  6 Filomena, Jimmy              Liberty               11:04.95 
  7 Sussman, Brett               Liberty               11:24.44 
  8 Roth, David                  Delone Catho          11:26.71 
  9 Goodman, Steven              Delone Catho          11:44.08 
 10 Davidson, Bryce              Manchester V          11:54.53 
 11 Poplawski, Nick              South Carrol          11:56.96 
 12 Young, Luke                  Littlestown           11:57.76 
 13 Wesloh, Dan                  Liberty               11:58.11 
 14 Basham, Bryan                South Carrol          12:11.31 


Event 15  Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Robertson, Mariah            Delone Catho             49.99   2
  2 Mcelroy, Samantha            Liberty                  51.93   2
  3 Caballero, Daniella          Liberty                  56.79   2
  4 McCarrick, Maureen           Middletown               57.42   1
  5 Ebbert, Justine              North Carrol             57.62   2
  6 Petersen, Emily              South Carrol             58.18   1
  7 Schmier, Megan               Liberty                  58.52   1
  8 Senseney, Madison            Littlestown            1:01.81   1
Event 16  Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Strine, Austin               Middletown               42.45   3
  2 Wolf, Nick                   Middletown               43.67   3
  3 Aldana, Nick                 Middletown               43.77   3
  4 Klunk, Jeremy                Delone Catho             44.50   3
  5 Velasquez, Chris             Littlestown              45.12   3
  6 Aspril, Zach                 North Carrol             45.24   2
  7 Thompson, Matt               Liberty                  45.89   3
  8 Vaughn, Ryan                 Littlestown              47.40   2
  8 Dell, Zach                   North Carrol             47.40   2
 10 McBryde, Ethan               South Carrol             47.74   3
 11 Harmer, Mike                 Liberty                  48.35   2
 12 Kennedy, Greame              Manchester V             48.45   2
 12 Tennyson, Nathan             South Carrol             48.45   2
 14 Carroll, Josh                Liberty                  48.95   1
 15 Beatty, Bryan                North Carrol             51.46   1
 16 Chenoweth, Corey             Manchester V             55.70   1
Event 17  Girls 200 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Ross, Ashley                 Liberty                  26.54   2
  2 Mezebish, Cody               South Carrol             27.34   2
  3 Mizansky, Valerie            North Carrol             27.48   2
  4 Phillips, Natalie            Manchester V             27.61   2
  5 Carter, Ashley               Liberty                  28.44   2
  6 Diller, Courtney             South Carrol             28.96   2
  7 Tokar, Rachel                Liberty                  29.34   1
  8 O'Donoghue, Teri             Liberty                  29.81   1
  9 Whitesell, Gretchen          Middletown               30.66   1
 10 Robbins, Rachel              North Carrol             30.70   1
Event 18  Boys 200 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  H#
  1 Raver, Ben                   North Carrol             22.49   2
  2 Patrice, Chris               Liberty                  22.91   2
  3 Lagos, Lance                 Middletown               23.18   2
  4 Bucher, Josh                 Littlestown              24.14   2
  5 Harrell, Justin              North Carrol             25.15   2
  6 Hewell, Derrick              South Carrol             25.16   2
  7 Kennedy, Greame              Manchester V             25.29   2
  8 Bender, Mike                 Liberty                  25.58   1
  9 Fierros, Aaron               Middletown               26.88   1
 10 Lecompte, Austin             Manchester V             27.24   1
 11 Armstrong, Kyle              Manchester V             27.35   1
 12 Baughman, Kent               Manchester V             27.81   1
 13 Dolch, Jacob                 Manchester V             27.88   1
 14 Chung, Derek                 Middletown               29.58   1
Event 19  Girls 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Bussard, Katie               Middletown             2:35.02 
  2 Shrader, Shelby              Manchester V           2:36.18 
  3 Stromberg, Michele           North Carrol           2:39.79 
  4 Lambert, Michele             Liberty                2:40.82 
  5 Tarnalicki, Taylor           Liberty                2:42.95 
  6 Carlin, Emily                South Carrol           2:44.43 
  7 Mulkerin, Mary               Middletown             2:44.52 
  8 Pooton, Casey                South Carrol           2:50.39 
  9 de Benedictis, Kim           Liberty                2:50.72 
 10 Hall, Maria                  North Carrol           2:52.70 
 11 Thomas, Hannah               Littlestown            2:54.65 
 12 McIntyre, Ashley             Manchester V           2:55.36 
 13 Waugh, Lindsay               Manchester V           3:04.63 
Event 20  Boys 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Wilson, Kody                 North Carrol           2:06.61 
  2 Smith, Taylor                Liberty                2:08.44 
  3 Stolkovich, Billy            Littlestown            2:11.25 
  4 Gutkoska, Joey               North Carrol           2:12.32 
  5 Alejandrez, Zekiel           Littlestown            2:12.54 
  6 Boyer, Zach                  Liberty                2:15.17 
  7 Hegarty, Ryan                South Carrol           2:15.28 
  8 Dee, Mike                    South Carrol           2:15.80 
  9 Hawkins, Kyle                Liberty                2:16.02 
 10 Schaeffer, Goeffrey          Middletown             2:17.54 
 11 Passarelli, Joe              Delone Catho           2:19.74 
 12 Nicol, Jacob                 Littlestown            2:19.94 
 13 Poole, Nick                  Delone Catho           2:22.48 
 14 Chenoweth, Tyler             Manchester V           2:24.87 
 15 Dailey, Brady                Middletown             2:27.74 
 16 Stalnaker, Josh              Middletown             2:34.03 
 17 Davidson, Bryce              Manchester V           2:38.65 
 18 Markey, Christopher          Middletown             3:31.79 
Event 21  Girls 4x100 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 Delone Catholic  'A'                                  51.69 
     1) Kraus, Heather                  2) Erbe, Janice                  
     3) Robertson, Mariah               4) Moore, Sierra                 
  2 Manchester Valley  'A'                                53.57 
     1) Gates, Amanda                   2) Hurd, Erika                   
     3) Phillips, Natalie               4) Donovan, Megan                
  3 South Carroll  'A'                                    54.97 
     1) Bacca, Julia                    2) Heishman, Bailey              
     3) Bosiacki, Alexis                4) Mezebish, Cody                
  4 North Carroll  'A'                                    55.76 
     1) Bach, Caitlin                   2) Melville, Amber               
     3) Farley, Mackenzie               4) Mizansky, Valerie             
  5 Middletown  'A'                                       56.73 
     1) Riggs, Gabrielle                2) Chittick, Kelsey              
     3) Purks, Julia                    4) Heuver, Treesa                
  6 Liberty  'A'                                          58.18 
     1) Carter, Ashley                  2) Russell, Jamie                
     3) Rowlands, Chloe                 4) O'Donoghue, Teri              
Event 22  Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 Middletown  'A'                                       45.58 
     1) Strine, Austin                  2) Lumley, Hunter                
     3) Little, Chris                   4) Hamilton, Rakim               
  2 Delone Catholic  'A'                                  46.62 
     1) Moorehead, Caine                2) Brady, Kevin                  
     3) Carroll, Aiden                  4) Berry, Todd                   
  3 Littlestown Area  'A'                                 47.62 
     1) Bucher, Josh                    2) Mitz, Tanner                  
     3) Hornbrook, Austin               4) Justice, Jonathan             
  4 South Carroll  'A'                                    48.07 
     1) Connor, Kevin                   2) Hewell, Derrick               
     3) Mellstrom, David                4) Jeager, Cody                  
  5 Liberty  'A'                                          48.08 
     1) Hinton, Nick                    2) Teofilak, Anthony             
     3) Thompson, Matt                  4) Van Slyke, PJ                 
  6 North Carroll  'A'                                    48.51 
     1) Aspril, Zach                    2) Kapinos, Ben                  
     3) Farley, Keegan                  4) Poist, Ashton                 
Event 23  Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 Liberty  'A'                                        4:21.80 
     1) Ross, Ashley                    2) Rowlands, Chloe               
     3) Stillings, Taylor               4) Mcelroy, Samantha             
  2 South Carroll  'A'                                  4:30.67 
     1) Chmielewski, Rebecca            2) Quinn, erin                   
     3) Roemer, Rachel                  4) Mezebish, Cody                
  3 Manchester Valley  'A'                              4:38.47 
     1) Baytop, Ciara                   2) McIntyre, Ashley              
     3) Shrader, Shelby                 4) Palmer, Sierra                
  4 Middletown  'A'                                     4:41.28 
     1) Whitesell, Gretchen             2) McCarrick, Maureen            
     3) Riggs, Gabrielle                4) Mulkerin, Mary                
  5 North Carroll  'A'                                  4:43.42 
     1) Melville, Amber                 2) Hall, Maria                   
     3) Stromberg, Michele              4) Jacober, Gillian              
  6 Littlestown Area  'A'                               4:51.49 
     1) Kagarise, Janelle               2)                               
Event 24  Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
    School                                               Finals
  1 North Carroll  'A'                                  3:34.93 
     1) Raver, Ben                      2) Wilson, Kody                  
     3) Harrell, Justin                 4) Smith, Matt                   
  2 Middletown  'A'                                     3:37.94 
     1) Wolf, Nick                      2) Little, Chris                 
     3) Hamilton, Rakim                 4) Aldana, Nick                  
  3 Liberty  'A'                                        3:42.84 
     1) Patrice, Chris                  2) Teofilak, Anthony             
     3) Smith, Taylor                   4) Fencil, James                 
  4 Littlestown Area  'A'                               3:52.12 
     1) Alejandrez, Zekiel              2) Velasquez, Chris              
     3) Study, Brandon                  4) Penton, Joey                  
  5 South Carroll  'A'                                  3:55.46 
     1) Hewell, Derrick                 2) McBryde, Ethan                
     3) Sumpter, Marco                  4) Weisman, Matt 
 Event 25  Girls High Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Melville, Amber              North Carrol           5-08.00 
  2 Hurd, Erika                  Manchester V           5-06.00 
  3 Keller, Michelle             Liberty                5-02.00 
  4 Litsikas, Eleni              Littlestown           J5-02.00 
  5 Reichart, Alyssa             Littlestown           J5-02.00 
  6 Louder, Kayla                South Carrol           4-10.00 
  7 Torres, Julianna             North Carrol          J4-10.00 
  8 Dulling, Lindsey             Liberty                4-08.00 
  8 Gill, Kayleigh               Liberty                4-08.00 
 10 Horn, Marissa                South Carrol           4-06.00 
 11 Cannon, Allison              Manchester V           4-02.00 
 11 Farley, Mackenzie            North Carrol           4-02.00 
Event 26  Boys Pole Vault
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Brady, Kevin                 Delone Catho          13-00.00 
  2 Moorehead, Caine             Delone Catho         J13-00.00 
  3 Deisher, Scott               Liberty               11-06.00 
  4 Poist, Ashton                North Carrol         J11-06.00 
  5 Fritz, Seth                  Middletown            11-00.00 
  6 Tsinonis, Andrew             Middletown            10-00.00 
  7 Smith, Ben                   Liberty                9-06.00 
  7 Chahalis, Aleko              Middletown             9-06.00 
  9 Blevins, Jacob               Manchester V           9-00.00 
 10 Penton, Joey                 Littlestown            8-06.00 
 10 Hollenbaugh, Roger           Littlestown            8-06.00 
 -- Atkinson, Doug               Liberty                     NH 
 -- Beatty, Bryan                North Carrol                NH 
 -- Caples, Jacob                Manchester V                NH 
 -- Evans, Ryan                  Manchester V                NH 
Event 27  Girls Discus Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Shirley, Melissa             Middletown              112-07 
  2 Kotula, Lauren               Delone Catho            106-11 
  3 Frasco, Victoria             South Carrol             93-05 
  4 Bach, Caitlin                North Carrol             92-01 
  5 Hall, Breeann                Littlestown              89-05 
  6 Artman, Christine            Liberty                  89-03 
  7 Murren, Maura                Littlestown              86-03 
  8 Hibshman, Stormie            Delone Catho             84-05 
  9 Lynott, Kaitlin              Middletown               77-11 
 10 Moore, Rebecca               Middletown               76-02 
 11 Denny, Rachel                South Carrol             66-05 
 12 Kapinos, Samantha            North Carrol             66-00 
 13 Keller, Michelle             Liberty                  65-07 
 14 Sprague, Taylor              Liberty                  65-03 
 15 Bach, Sarah                  Manchester V             63-01 
 16 Quissay, Marissa             Manchester V             53-02 
 17 Hall, Leslie                 Manchester V             52-06 
Event 28  Boys Shot Put
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Monahan, Brian               Delone Catho          44-04.00 
  2 Johnson, Tyler               Middletown            43-01.50 
  3 Smith, Nick                  Liberty               41-08.00 
  4 Danko, Josh                  Liberty               40-02.00 
  5 Patrick, Ryan                South Carrol         J40-02.00 
  6 Rouse, Chris                 Littlestown           39-10.50 
  7 Leyva, Raul                  Littlestown           38-10.00 
  8 Riggle, Ryan                 Manchester V          36-01.25 
  9 Newsom, Franklin             Liberty               34-09.00 
 10 Schnarrs, Eric               Middletown            33-00.00 
 11 Schnarrs, Ryan               Middletown            32-03.00 
 12 Keeney, Marshall             North Carrol          31-01.00 
 13 Hickey, Igor                 South Carrol          29-01.00 
 14 Conaway, Greg                Manchester V          27-06.50 
 15 Herrman, Brad                North Carrol          26-09.25 
 16 Leonardi, Zachary            Manchester V          26-08.25 
 17 Stankewicz, Justin           South Carrol          24-07.00 
Event 29  Boys Triple Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Hornbrook, Austin            Littlestown           40-01.75 
  2 Faber, Ryan                  Delone Catho          39-09.50 
  3 Wilson, Kody                 North Carrol          38-08.50 
  4 Thompson, Matt               Liberty               38-08.25 
  5 Bucher, Josh                 Littlestown           36-03.50 
  6 Scott, Gary                  Middletown            35-02.00 
  7 Glessner, Josh               Middletown            35-00.00 
  8 McBryde, Ethan               South Carrol          34-11.00 
  9 Canby, Colton                Manchester V          34-00.00 
 10 Hawes, Toby                  Liberty               33-05.75 
 11 Van Slyke, PJ                Liberty               32-11.00 
 12 Carlstrom, Aaron             Middletown            32-04.50 
 13 Sainz, Mark                  North Carrol          32-02.00 
 14 Evans, Ryan                  Manchester V          31-03.25 
Event 30  Girls Long Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Erbe, Janice                 Delone Catho          15-04.00 
  2 Hahn, Haley                  South Carrol          14-06.00 
  3 Badders, Julianne            Manchester V          14-00.00 
  4 Louder, Kayla                South Carrol          13-10.50 
  5 Ayenu, Cloe                  Middletown            13-08.00 
  6 Bussard, Katie               Middletown            13-07.00 
  7 Russell, Jamie               Liberty               13-04.00 
  7 Donovan, Megan               Manchester V          13-04.00 
  9 Ugarte, Isabella             Delone Catho          13-03.00 
 10 Berry, Jasmine               Littlestown           13-01.00 
 11 Gordy, Erin                  Liberty               13-00.00 
 12 Eng, Amanda                  Liberty               12-09.50 
 13 Doran, Sierra                North Carrol          12-03.00 
 14 Gill, Kayleigh               Liberty               12-02.00 
 15 Pickett, Hannah              Liberty               12-00.50 
 16 Litsikas, Eleni              Littlestown           11-05.00 
Event 31  Boys High Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Strine, Austin               Middletown             6-00.00 
  2 Comly, Sam                   Delone Catho           5-10.00 
  3 Sgrignoli, Spencer           Middletown             5-08.00 
  3 Leyva, Andres                Littlestown            5-08.00 
  5 Hamilton, Rakim              Middletown             5-06.00 
  6 Corprew, Nick                Liberty                5-04.00 
  7 Hawes, Toby                  Liberty               J5-04.00 
  8 Baughman, Matt               Manchester V           5-00.00 
Event 32  Girls Pole Vault
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Photidas, Jen                Delone Catho           8-00.00 
  2 Russell, Jamie               Liberty                7-06.00 
  3 Atkinson, Betsy              Liberty               J7-06.00 
  4 Eng, Amanda                  Liberty               J7-06.00 
  5 Ebbert, Justine              North Carrol           7-00.00 
  6 Niles, Courtney              Manchester V           6-06.00 
  7 Buswell, Kirstyn             South Carrol          J6-06.00 
  8 Chavez, Trina                Littlestown            6-00.00 
  8 Purks, Julia                 Middletown             6-00.00 
 10 Frey, Erin                   Middletown            J6-00.00 
 -- Reichart, Alyssa             Littlestown                 NH 
 -- Quissay, Marissa             Manchester V                NH 
 -- Billotti, Linda              Middletown                  NH 
 -- Donohue, Lindsay             South Carrol                NH 
 -- Doran, Sierra                North Carrol                NH 
Event 33  Boys Discus Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Johnson, Tyler               Middletown              127-05 
  2 Rouse, Chris                 Littlestown             121-11 
  3 Pangborn, Robert             Liberty                 115-02 
  4 Patrick, Ryan                South Carrol            111-10 
  5 Monahan, Brian               Delone Catho            111-00 
  6 Danko, Josh                  Liberty                 107-08 
  7 Riggle, Ryan                 Manchester V            101-06 
  8 Schnarrs, Ryan               Middletown               95-02 
  9 Becker, Chad                 Delone Catho             84-11 
 10 Kennedy, Mike                South Carrol             84-05 
 11 Farley, Keegan               North Carrol             81-01 
 12 Hickey, Igor                 South Carrol             77-02 
 13 Schnarrs, Eric               Middletown               75-10 
 14 Banz, Tommy                  Manchester V             75-06 
 15 Leonardi, Zachary            Manchester V             71-01 
 -- Smith, Nick                  Liberty                   FOUL 
Event 34  Girls Shot Put
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Shirley, Melissa             Middletown            35-09.00 
  2 Bach, Caitlin                North Carrol          34-07.00 
  3 Kotula, Lauren               Delone Catho          33-01.25 
  4 Hall, Breeann                Littlestown           31-11.50 
  5 Hibshman, Stormie            Delone Catho          31-01.50 
  6 Moore, Rebecca               Middletown            29-06.50 
  7 Murren, Maura                Littlestown           29-04.00 
  8 Keller, Michelle             Liberty               27-08.50 
  9 Okye, DeeDee                 South Carrol          26-07.00 
 10 Lynott, Kaitlin              Middletown            25-09.25 
 11 Sprague, Taylor              Liberty               25-09.00 
 12 Kapinos, Samantha            North Carrol          24-02.00 
 13 Denny, Rachel                South Carrol          24-00.50 
 14 Denny, Jordan                South Carrol          23-03.00 
 15 Artman, Christine            Liberty               21-05.00 
 16 Quissay, Marissa             Manchester V          17-11.00 
 17 Hall, Leslie                 Manchester V          15-05.00 
Event 35  Girls Triple Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Badders, Julianne            Manchester V          32-06.50 
  2 Reichart, Alyssa             Littlestown           32-04.50 
  3 Ugarte, Isabella             Delone Catho          31-09.75 
  4 Quinn, erin                  South Carrol          30-01.50 
  5 Keller, Michelle             Liberty               29-07.75 
  6 Berry, Jasmine               Littlestown           29-07.50 
  7 Petersen, Emily              South Carrol          28-03.50 
  8 Dulling, Lindsey             Liberty               28-03.00 
  9 McIntyre, Ashley             Manchester V          27-05.50 
 10 Gullotta, Kaitlyn            South Carrol          27-01.00 
 11 Skelly, Alyssa               Liberty               24-06.25 
Event 36  Boys Long Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Faber, Ryan                  Delone Catho          19-08.50 
  2 McBryde, Ethan               South Carrol          18-09.50 
  3 Bucher, Josh                 Littlestown           18-01.50 
  4 Mellstrom, David             South Carrol          17-11.00 
  5 Bender, Mike                 Liberty               17-05.00 
  6 Gutkoska, Joey               North Carrol          17-04.50 
  7 Scott, Gary                  Middletown            17-02.00 
  8 Comly, Sam                   Delone Catho          17-00.00 
  9 Chenoweth, Corey             Manchester V          16-05.50 
 10 Akinbode, Bunmi              Liberty               16-03.50 
 11 Canby, Colton                Manchester V          16-00.50 
 12 Farber, James                Middletown            13-01.00 
 13 Finkelstein, Shane           Middletown            12-07.50               
                    Women - Team Rankings - 18 Events Scored
    1) Liberty                    139        2) Delone Catholic            95  
    3) South Carroll               85        4) Manchester Valley          81  
    5) Middletown                  61        6) North Carroll              60  
    7) Littlestown Area            33                                          
                    Men - Team Rankings - 18 Events Scored
    1) Middletown                 143        2) Liberty                   114  
    3) North Carroll               89        4) Littlestown Area           84  
    5) Delone Catholic             82        6) South Carroll              37  
    7) Manchester Valley            5

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