Pikesville Invitational
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Fast Times, Well Run Meet and Perfect Weather Make for a Great Day in Pikesville











PHOTO GALLERY by Vicki Souder



Girls Fr/So 1600

Carolyn Reuland, Towson

Lap:0    01:19.94/01:19.94
Lap:1    01:34.02/02:53.96
Lap:2    01:41.21/04:35.17
Lap:3    01:32.32/06:07.49
Total:    06:07.49

Hannah Llorin, Catonsville
Lap:0    01:19.46/01:19.46
Lap:1    01:38.64/02:58.10
Lap:2    01:34.92/04:33.02
Lap:3    01:23.41/05:56.43
Total:    05:56.43

Lily Klein, Dulaney
Lap:0    01:18.18/01:18.18
Lap:1    01:25.55/02:43.73
Lap:2    01:27.68/04:11.41
Lap:3    01:20.32/05:31.73
Total:    05:31.73

Boys Fr/So 1600

Joe Connor, Reservoir

Lap:0    01:12.76/01:12.76
Lap:1    01:30.57/02:43.33
Lap:2    01:32.33/04:15.66
Lap:3    01:18.90/05:34.56
Total:    05:34.56

Michael Sack, Dulaney
Lap:0    01:28.49/01:28.49
Lap:1    01:18.47/02:46.96
Lap:2    01:28.57/04:15.53
Lap:3    01:16.75/05:32.28
Total:    05:32.28

Luke Bender, Towson
Lap:0    01:11.03/01:11.03
Lap:1    01:23.02/02:34.05
Lap:2    01:18.36/03:52.41
Lap:3    01:18.83/05:11.24
Total:    05:11.24

Michael McLelland, Dulaney
Lap:0    01:12.69/01:12.69
Lap:1    01:19.48/02:32.17
Lap:2    01:20.44/03:52.61
Lap:3    01:14.52/05:07.13
Total:    05:07.13

Matthew Sebacher, Great Mills
Lap:0    01:08.05/01:08.05
Lap:1    01:21.72/02:29.77
Lap:2    01:18.28/03:48.05
Lap:3    01:08.91/04:56.96
Total:    04:56.96

Mikey Singer, McDonogh
Lap:0    01:09.91/01:09.91
Lap:1    01:12.52/02:22.43
Lap:2    01:10.74/03:33.17
Lap:3    01:01.95/04:35.12
Total:    04:35.12

Girls 1600 - Heat Winners

Elizabeth Peper, Towson

Lap:0    01:21.52/01:21.52
Lap:1    01:30.22/02:51.74
Lap:2    01:28.76/04:20.50
Lap:3    01:25.63/05:46.13
Total:    05:46.13

Julia Nardone, Glenelg
Lap:0    01:18.83/01:18.83
Lap:1    01:22.02/02:40.85
Lap:2    01:21.89/04:02.74
Lap:3    01:12.53/05:15.27
Total:    05:15.27

Boys 1600 - Heat Winner

Xavier Stansbury, Great Mills
Lap:0    01:13.70/01:13.70
Lap:1    01:15.57/02:29.27
Lap:2    01:15.93/03:45.20
Lap:3    01:11.76/04:56.96
Total:    04:56.96

Adam Gartrell, Reservoir
Lap:0    01:03.44/01:03.44
Lap:1    01:14.43/02:17.87
Lap:2    01:14.02/03:31.89
Lap:3    01:07.25/04:39.14
Total:    04:39.14

Vince Ciattei, Perry Hall

Lap:0    01:04.55/01:04.55
Lap:1    01:08.54/02:13.09
Lap:2    01:07.75/03:20.84
Lap:3    01:00.46/04:21.30
Total:    04:21.30

Girls 3200 Relay

Western STES
    02:26.6    02:22.3    02:32.0    02:27.0    09:47.9
Dulaney        02:23.7    02:45.4    02:43.8    02:26.0    10:18.9
Catonsville    02:28.8    02:29.7    02:39.3    02:37.6    10:15.5
Perry Hall        02:34.9    02:47.8    02:43.8    02:32.4    10:38.9
Century        02:50.1    02:40.2    02:44.4    02:32.1    10:46.8
Maryvale        02:36.2    02:40.7    02:44.2    02:42.0    10:43.1
Bladensburg    02:25.2    02:35.6    02:44.9    02:41.3    10:27.0
Glenelg        02:30.7    02:37.2    02:42.3    02:38.7    10:28.8
Atholton        02:22.3    02:34.7    02:32.5    02:25.4    09:54.9

Boys 3200 Relay

Perry Hal
l        02:06.6    02:09.2    02:22.1    02:03.2    08:41.0
Dulaney        02:01.1    02:07.9    02:03.3    02:07.7    08:20.0
Century        02:09.4    02:18.2    02:08.6    02:05.7    08:42.0
Mt. Hebron    01:59.9    02:11.0    02:09.2    02:10.1    08:30.1
Towson        02:05.4    02:11.5    02:13.9    02:09.5    08:40.3
Reservoir        02:11.5    02:12.2    02:17.6    02:13.1    08:54.5
Rising Sun    02:12.5    02:08.9    02:18.6    02:07.6    08:47.5
Old Mill        02:07.8    02:11.5    02:15.4    02:08.9    08:43.6
Catonsville    02:17.3    02:15.3    02:13.3    02:20.4    09:06.4

Girls 3200

Caroline Cerand, Catonsville

Lap:0    01:23.98/01:23.98
Lap:1    02:59.78/04:23.76
Lap:2    01:34.50/05:58.26
Lap:3    01:37.28/07:35.54
Lap:4    01:33.31/09:08.85
Lap:5    01:38.68/10:47.53
Lap:6    01:28.70/12:16.87
Total:    12:16.87

Isabel Griffith, Dulaney
Lap:0    01:19.44/01:19.44
Lap:1    01:27.78/02:47.22
Lap:2    01:30.84/04:18.06
Lap:3    01:28.36/05:46.42
Lap:4    01:30.31/07:16.73
Lap:5    01:32.24/08:48.97
Lap:6    01:27.96/10:16.93
Lap:7    01:20.62/11:37.19
Total:    11:37.19

Rachel Yep, Mt. Hebron
Lap:0    01:19.08/01:19.08
Lap:1    01:27.67/02:46.75
Lap:2    01:30.85/04:17.60
Lap:3    01:29.56/05:47.16
Lap:4    01:31.91/07:19.07
Lap:5    01:35.52/08:54.59
Lap:6    01:34.74/10:29.33
Lap:7    01:27.73/11:57.70
Total:    11:57.70

Caroline Reiser, St. Mary's
Lap:0    01:20.08/01:20.08
Lap:1    01:27.85/02:47.93
Lap:2    01:30.60/04:18.53
Lap:3    01:28.27/05:46.80
Lap:4    01:30.21/07:17.01
Lap:5    01:30.81/08:47.82
Lap:6    01:29.39/10:17.21
Lap:7    01:24.94/11:42.79
Total:    11:42.79

Cindy Alms, Reservoir
Lap:0    01:22.13/01:22.13
Lap:1    01:28.91/02:51.04
Lap:2    01:32.46/04:23.50
Lap:3    01:33.27/05:56.77
Lap:4    01:36.26/07:33.03
Lap:5    01:36.10/09:09.13
Lap:6    01:38.63/10:47.76
Lap:7    01:29.68/12:17.08
Total:    12:17.08

Boys 3200

Dylan Kirby, Towson

Lap:0    01:11.69/01:11.69
Lap:1    01:19.73/02:31.42
Lap:2    01:20.93/03:52.35
Lap:3    01:21.82/05:14.17
Lap:4    01:23.05/06:37.22
Lap:5    01:23.05/08:00.27
Lap:6    01:26.14/09:26.41
Lap:7    01:14.83/10:41.24
Total:    10:41.24

Mike Wegner, Loyola
Lap:0    01:11.87/01:11.87
Lap:1    01:08.55/02:20.42
Lap:2    01:10.46/03:30.88
Lap:3    01:12.01/04:42.89
Lap:4    01:14.45/05:57.34
Lap:5    01:14.33/07:11.67
Lap:6    01:13.33/08:25.00
Lap:7    01:22.01/09:47.01
Total:    09:47.01

Vincent Ciattei, Perry Hall
Lap:0    01:12.58/01:12.58
Lap:1    01:08.33/02:20.91
Lap:2    01:10.57/03:31.48
Lap:3    01:12.13/04:43.61
Lap:4    01:15.45/05:59.06
Lap:5    01:18.57/07:17.63
Lap:6    01:22.10/08:39.73
Lap:7    01:14.11/09:53.84
Total:    09:53.84

Tim Virostek, Wilde Lake
Lap:0    01:12.82/01:12.82
Lap:1    01:09.44/02:22.26
Lap:2    01:10.94/03:33.20
Lap:3    01:14.33/04:47.53
Lap:4    01:13.94/06:01.47
Lap:5    01:18.76/07:20.23
Lap:6    00:01.10/07:21.33
Lap:7    01:21.64/08:42.97
Lap:8    01:19.81/10:02.78
Total:    10:02.78

Austin McGinley, Rising Sun
Lap:0    01:10.74/01:10.74
Lap:1    01:11.84/02:22.58
Lap:2    01:11.52/03:34.10
Lap:3    01:12.45/04:46.55
Lap:4    01:13.38/05:59.93
Lap:5    01:12.19/07:12.12
Lap:6    01:11.12/08:23.24
Lap:7    01:10.16/09:33.40
Total:    09:33.40

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