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Getting You to Eat Better and Why - ANYTIME YOGURT








Eating healthy is not always fun, nor easy, nor tasty - but with this new feature from Running Maryland we are going to destroy that myth. Coach Sandra Gallagher is an excellent coach, great cook and a member of the Running Maryland staff. Over the next few months, Sandra will not only give you important recipes that you - yes you - not your mom, dad, wife, gf, husband or bf - can cook and be healthier for it.

There will also be an explanation of why this recipe is good for you. The vitamins and nutrients that you will need to be a better runner, stay focussed in school or at work and help you with recovery.

by Sandra Gallagher
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Cooking Time: 2 minutes


1 1/2 Cup low fat or fat free vanilla yogurt
(Chobani is our personal favorite)

3 tbls ground flax seed

1/4 Cup sliced almonds

1/4 Cup organic blueberries

2 tbls of dark chocolate chips

Cooking Instructions

Combine ingredients, serve.  Simple enough?

Why It's Good for You

We're all about easy, tasty, healthy recipes, and this one is at the top of our list.  The omega 3 rich flax seed packs a hard punch of lignans, phytoestrogens in the body that help to balance hormones.   The blueberries and dark chocolate offer the antioxidant benefits that every runner needs to combat the free radicals produced during running and racing.  The protein in this small, quick to make dish makes it a great post workout snack.

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