MVAL Conference Championships
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Favorites Win as Expected Leading Up to Season Ending Championships







Emily Mulhern, Sarah Zielinski, Pat Duboyce and David Dorsey solidified their dominance over runners from Carroll County west today at the MVAL divisional championships at McDaniel College in Westminster.

Running on a difficult course at the McDaniel golf course the two divisions had two completely different weather patterns during their races.  The Piedmont Conference which began at 10AM had heavy rains in the morning with a cloud cover and heavy humidity, while the Antietam Conference in the afternoon had sun and temperatures in the 70's.

Mulhern of Urbana started off the day leading from the gun to the finish and never looked back winning in 19:37. Urbana also placed Sarah Askine 2nd, Kelly Winklbauer, 3rd and Maria Carberry 5th to claim an easy 45-81 victory over Westminster.

Mulhern who is still recovering from plantar fascitis that she had since the end of cross country season hopes to come back strong this spring for track.

"It took me a long time to recover from that foot injury", said Mulhern, "I kept my miles very low over the spring and summer to make sure that it didn't come back."

Pat Duboyce of Linganore said he felt Thomas Johnson's Ben Freed on his shoulder the whole race.

"That's what kept me moving", said Duboyce, "Every time I felt myself start to slack, I could hear Ben right behind me."

Freed not only had Duboyce to run after during the race, but also had Linganore's Dan Beck only a few steps behind him.  Freed was TJ's first runner across the line in a 45-88 win over Linganore.

When asked if he was surprised at how well his team was doing this year, Freed answered, "I knew we had the ability to be this good, we've been working for this for a long time, it's nice to see it happening.

Sarah Zielinski of Boonsboro was expected to win, but Manchester Valley's Abby Culp did her best to challenge during the race.  For every surge that Culp had to try and catch Zielinski, the Boonsboro star was able to answer the surge with one of her own.

"I knew she was there", said Zielinski, "I heard everyone cheering for her so I knew I couldn't let up."  Zielinski worked the long hill after the two mile mark to break any chance that Culp might have had to pass her.

At the end the Boonsboro senior won by ten seconds in 20:19 over Culp with Oakdale's Katherine Edwards finishing in third. Oakdale placed four girls in the top ten for an easy 35-61 win over Boonsboro.

David Dorsey of Catoctin ran the first two miles with his brother Kevin and Weston Carvalho of Winters Mill in tow.  But at two miles, David Dorsey turned on the afterburners and left those two along with the rest of the field in the dust. Dorsey's winning time of 16:38 was only a second slower than Duboyce's time earlier in the morning.  Williamsport took the team win over Catoctin.
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