Prince George County & Howard County Championships
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Shreya Nalubola of Centennial Provides the Only Surprise With Her Win









Prince George County Championships


The Prince George County Championship course at Ft. Washington Park is tough enough with "The General" staring the runners in the face at the two mile mark, but add in 86 degree temperatures and an unannounced course change and the day just got that much harder.

Shaun Allen of Forestville, Terrell Green from Douglass and Northwestern's Abel Estifanos were all running together until "The General" when the hill stopped Estifanos in his tracks and Allen and Green broke away. Allen picked up the pace over the last 800 to pull away from Green to win by almost 30 seconds in 17:11.

Team results for the boys were not available.

Charde Barnes of Bowie repeated her win from last year with an easy 20:50 victory. Barnes stayed in the pack for the first 800 meters and pulled away easily. She was never challenged during the race. Though official results were not available, Largo seemed to come away with the title.


1. Shaun Allen , Forestville        17:11
2. Terrell Green, Douglass        17:38
3. Abel Estifanos, Northwestern        18:17
4. Kidus Anerga, Bowie            18:18
5. Vernon Swanson, Oxon Hill        18:29
6. Michael Adeshoga, Northwestern    18:33
7. Duane Levy, Douglass            18:39
8. A. Ryan, Eleanor Roosevelt        18:40
9. Justin Bentham, CH Flowers        19:06
10. Antonio Dicosta, Oxon Hill        19:07


1. Charde Barnes, Bowie            20:50
2. Kayla Wright, Douglass        22:18
3. Deonni Farrar, Largo            22:19
4. Cayla Coleman, Largo            22:20
5. Imani Mather, CH Flowers        22:28
6. Ciara Scott, CH Flowers        22:38
7. Nina Johnson, High Point        22:54
8. Ces Coleman, Largo            23:07
9. Elise Allen, Eleanor Roosevelt    23:29
10. Chyna Sequeiro, Bowie        23:31

Howard County Championships


After the heat at the Howard County Invitational in September took its' toll on the runners, the pace of the first mile and a half on Tuesday looked like a post workout cooldown.

There was a pack of nearly 15 runners as they approached the short steep hill on the course for the second time.  As they made the U turn and came down the hill, Danny Rau of Reservoir and Tim Virostek of Wilde Lake quickly seperated themselves from the field.

Rau said afterwards, "It just didn't feel like a championship meet with the race being on a Tuesday and no one really wanting to push the pace."

Virostek who was the main victim of the heat at the HoCo Invitational as he passed out as he came down the final hill said, "Everyone remembered how bad it was in September and we just did not want to take it out as hard."

In the girls race, Rachel Yep of Mt. Hebron, Allison Kreim from River Hill took the pace out fast and both paid for it later in the race.

The eventual winner, Shreya Nalubola of Centennial, planned her race well and took the lead after the two mile mark and extended it over the last mile.  Britt Lang of Oakland Mills, who abandoned her usual plan of pushing the pace from the start, bided her time early to take second easily.

The Centennial boys and Reservoir girls took home the team titles.

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